Gerald Mill
Dr. Gerald Mill Ph.D., Founder

The Hearing & Balance Center was established in 1993 by Dr. Gerald Mill. Dr. Mill, a graduate of two universities, obtained his Ph.D. in the science of hearing from the University of Utah in 1972. Prior to coming to Idaho Falls in 1974, Dr. Mill taught in a graduate program in Audiology at a midwestern university. He has also taught graduate courses for ISU.

Jim Lamb
Dr. Jim Lamb, Au.D. CCC-A, F-AAA, Audiologist

Dr. Jim Lamb is one of two medical professionals in the Idaho Falls area who have been trained and regularly perform balance evaluations of the vestibular system using video nystagmography (VNG) testing. This advanced system by Balance Back uses infrared cameras inside goggles to record eye movement associated with dizziness. By using our advanced equipment systems and his expertise, Jim is able to work with your physician and therapist in identifying, what balance systems are working correctly, the cause of your dizziness, and in developing a treatment plan to help you take back control of your balance.

Dr. Lamb is from Star Valley, Wyoming and was very excited to bring his expertise from a large ear nose and throat practice in Colorado to us in South East Idaho, and Western Wyoming. Jim’s enthusiasm for advanced digital processing of sound has made him a go to man for digital hearing aids.

Jim has never forgotten his roots, and has diligently lobbied for a satellite clinic in Afton, Wyoming. We opened that office in July of 2013. When not in the office Jim can usually be found playing with his children, chasing fish or deer, or serving in his church.

Kim Briggs
Kim Briggs, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, Audiologist

The Regional Hearing and Balance is honored to have Dr. Kim Briggs as a member of our team since 2004. Though a very competent Masters level audiologist Kim decided to go back to school and earned her doctorate 42 years after receiving her associates degree. Kims mantra when tackling this enormous task was,You can eat an elephant if you do it bite at a time.

Although Kim works with patients of all ages, she specializes in pediatric audiology and has brought our pediatric services to a whole new level of excellence. She is uniquely qualified to respond to the special requirements for evaluating this patient group. Her role as a mother and grandmother has given her a broad experience base upon which to build her professional work with the pediatric patient. She has a regional reputation in the testing of newborns with non-sedated ABR.

Her expertise and reputation has lead to a major childrens hospital in Salt Lake City to refer to RHBC for non-sedated ABR. Kim was an active participant in establishing the State of Idahos infant toddler hearing screening protocol. Idaho Sound Beginnings and Idaho infant toddler awarded Kim a scholarship to participate in an advanced three month course for assessment and treatment of pediatric hearing loss. She was one of three pediatric audiologists from the state of Idaho to complete the initial training. She currently serves on the Idaho division for the national taskforce of AAP EHDI (American Academy of Pediatrics Early Hearing loss Detection and Intervention).

Evaluating young childrens hearing can be very difficult. Kims expertise and use of our advanced equipment help in obtaining accurate and timely information in the least intrusive manner possible. Kim works closely with your physicians and school audiologists, where available. If the loss cannot be treated through medication or surgery, Kim uses the information from the tests to augment the hearing system through hearing aids so that language development and communication may continue as normal as possible.

Travis Rigby
Dr. Travis Rigby, Au.D. CCC-A, F-AAA, Audiologist

Dr. Travis Rigby earned his doctorate from Salus University in August 2009. He completed his undergraduate studies at Utah State University in Logan Utah. Dr. Rigby has been with Regional Hearing and Balance Center since the spring of 2002 when he completed his final externship with Regional Hearing and Balance Center. Currently, Dr. Rigby manages the Rexburg office.

Dr. Rigby specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. The Rexburg office is equipped with the most innovative pediatric equipment that can be used for newborn testing and for the difficult to test population. Dr. Rigby attends continuing education seminars and courses on a regular basis at both state and national levels to stay current with the latest technology and treatment options for hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Rigby received specific hands on training in the testing and interpretation of balance disorders.

Dr. Rigby works closely with local ENTs and medical physicians and provides prompt reports regarding test results. He is well liked and trusted by his patients for his friendly professional help in a wide range of hearing and balance health matters.

Zackery Hale
Dr. Zackary Hale, Au.D. CCC-A, F-AAA, Audiologist

Zack began his Audiology career at Utah State University where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education and his Master’s Degree in Audiology. He went on to complete his Doctor of Audiology Degree from Salus University. He is an officer in the Army Reserve where he serves as an Audiologist in a Combat Support Hospital. Zack has been working at Regional Hearing and Balance Center since 2002 and now is the managing audiologist at the Idaho Falls and Blackfoot offices.

Zack has a clinical background that emphasizes diagnostic testing, amplification, hearing instrument technology, hearing science, aural rehabilitation, and assistive listening devices. He is also an expert in diagnostic testing and treatment for balance and vestibular disorders. He attends continuing education seminars and courses routinely in order to maintain proficiency and a working knowledge of the latest developments in the treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

Zack works closely with the local ENT’s and physicians to provide the best hearing and balance healthcare possible.