Oticon Agil
Speech Gaurd
A dual analysis signal processing technology that continuously evaluates incoming sound signals BEFORE they are amplified.
Connect Plus Featuring:
Power Bass
Restores the rich bass sound typically lost through open fittings. It delivers a richer, more harmonic low frequency sound experience while streaming by adding synthesized harmonics to enhance the perception of lower frequencies.
Music Widening
Applies advanced reverberation research to reproduce a sense of space and realism to streamed music.
Technology Behind Agil
Oticon Agil provides better speech understanding with less effort by protecting natural spatial and speech cues. Because we hear with our brain, Agil’s priority in all amplification and signal processing is to keep sound as natural and uncorrupted as possible.
The brain is wired to absorb all of the sensory information around us and to organize it and make sense of it. It untangles and separates different sound sources – sounds coming from the kitchen versus sounds coming from the TV. The more accurately and naturally sound information is presented, the easier it becomes for the brain to understand and follow a conversation.
By providing the brain with more natural and complete information it becomes easier to follow a conversation. Less energy is required to concentrate on and understand what people are saying. This provides more energy to actively participate in conversations during the day.
Agil takes the work out of hearing and listening.