In Swahili, the word SAFARI means “journey”, which is exactly how your child’s life could be described. A journey full of adventures, challenges, victories and defeats – but that’s what makes the experience so worthwhile!
Safari is also the name of a new family of hearing instruments that offers unique opportunities to children with hearing loss, whether they be babies, preschoolers, schoolchildren or teens.. With Safari as a constant companion, your child will get the very best out of every stage of their development as they move full steam ahead from childhood to adulthood.
Hearing More Speech …and More of THEIR WORLD
Acquiring spoken language is a challenging task because children need to be able to hear words clearly before they can learn to pronounce them. The technology in Safari instruments is designed first and foremost to provide the most natural access to speech information with minimal manipulation.
The extra high-frequency speech details that Safari instruments can capture also paint a clearer picture of your child’s environment. With a more accurate perception of people and places they will feel more confident and more secure in school, at the playground and at home.
How Safari makes it possible
Safari’s extra broad bandwidth captures more of the important, soft consonant sounds (such as “f”, “s” and “sh”) that make individual words easier to hear and understand. This also can improve their own pronunciation when it’s the child’s turn to talk.
Fitting in, Having Fun …Feeling IN CONTROL
Whether they’re toddlers or tweens, children want to be able to use phones, mp3 players, TVs and PCs just as easily as all their friends – and with Safari and the Oticon Streamer and ConnectLine accessories they can. By picking up the audio signal and sending it straight into BOTH ears, the Streamer turns a pair of Safari’s into the world’s smallest wireless headset!
The Streamer can also be used as a remote control for Safari – a feature that you as a parent will find particularly useful. The Streamer’s remote control function works even when the volume control or program switch on the instrument itself has been disabled to prevent tampering or accidental changes by the child.
How Safari makes it possible
The neck-worn Streamer accessory can capture the signal from virtually any Bluetooth device and send it wirelessly to BOTH Safari hearing aids. With no delays in transmission, audio signals perfectly match any visual images. This can make all the difference when watching TV or gaming.
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