Audéo S Smart

Audéo S Smart
Wireless technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. The foundation of binaural processing in Audeo S is the unique ability to stream the full bandwidth audio signal between hearing instruments in real time. With this technology we have created new solutions that truly enhance performance in the most challenging environments: extreme noise, when unable to face the speaker, and on the phone.
Enhanced focus

StereoZoom is the most significant innovation in binaural signal processing, further driving our long-standing technology leadership in directional beamforming. Since they all have a wide front focus, monaural directional systems do not sufficiently address the challenge of one-to-one communication in high levels of surrounding background noise. StereoZoom enables the wearer to narrow the beam further and focus on a single speaker, while suppressing all other interfering sounds. Communication even in situations which were considered impossible is now possible.
Phone conversations are as easy as they should be

DuoPhone is yet another benchmark binaural App demonstrating the outstanding capabilities of our exclusive full audio transmission. As soon as the phone conversation starts, the signal is streamed in real time to the other ear, so the caller’s voice is heard in both ears. The microphone of the receiving instrument is attenuated so background noise is reduced and SNR is significantly improved. The phone can be used with confidence and listening becomes enjoyable again.
User Preference Learning
The fusion of interactive control and automatic adaptation

Audeo S remembers adjustments made by the wearer and the optimization of parameters accomplished by FlexControl and FlexVolume. User Preference Learning captures the myriad of parameter adjustments of FlexControl and FlexVolume and intelligently applies them within SoundFlow. So, over time, Audeo S responds as desired without the need for manual adjustments.