Audéo ZIP IX

Audéo ZIP IX
Audéo ZIP IX is the top end InstantFit CIC solution, incorporating the premium innovations of the CORE audio-processing platform, such as SoundFlow Premium, the largest range of SoundCleaning features and SoundRecover to expand audibility for the full spectrum of sounds. For size, cosmetics and ultimate performance, select Audéo ZIP IX.
Non Linear frequency compression

SoundRecover is the only effective way to extend hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible. Audibility of the full spectrum of sounds improves speech understanding, awareness of the sound environment and listening pleasure.
NoiseBlock Processing
High resolution noise cancellation

Noise Block Processing is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noise. It recognises the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, removing noise while maintaining audibility.
Continuous and instant optimization to all environments

The sound environments of life are varied and challenging. In real time, SoundFlow creates a unique program perfectly adapted to every new environment. The result is a seamless transition between hearing situations, with optimum clarity and comfort, no matter what the environment. SoundFlow is available in the three levels SoundFlow Premium, Advanced and Standard.