Phonak Ambra

Phonak Ambra
Wireless technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. At Phonak, we have chosen to use this technology to create new solutions that truly enhance performance in the most challenging environments. The foundation is the unique ability to stream the full bandwidth audio signal between hearing instruments in real time. Phonak Ambra picks up where others leave off. The exclusive binaural features offer significant, measurable benefits where it counts: in extreme noise, when unable to face the speaker and on the phone.
The key innovation of UltraZoom is SNR-Boost. SNR-Boost is a spatial noise canceller designed specifically for directional applications. Traditionally, regardless of microphone mode, the noise cancellation algorithm is always applied in the same conservative manner, based on temporal cues. However, when in directional mode, the source of interest is actually known, so a different approach can be applied. SNR-Boost uses spatial cues to distinguish between speech from the front and surrounding noise. With this clear distinction, noise cancellation can be more appropriately applied to further enhance the signal-to-noise ratio for speech coming from the front.
StereoZoom – measurable benefits
StereoZoom employs exclusive wireless full bandwidth audio streaming and sophisticated binaural processing technologies to create a bi-directional network of four microphones. StereoZoom simultaneously streams the full audio signal from one instrument to the other and vice versa. The ipsilateral and contralateral signals for each side are analyzed and processed in real time to create a very highly focused beam which effectively zooms in on a single voice.
DuoPhone is yet another benchmark binaural feature demonstrating the outstanding capabilities of our exclusive full-audio transmission. As soon as the phone conversation starts, the signal is streamed in real time to the other ear, so the caller’s voice is heard in both ears. The microphone of the receiving instrument is attenuated so background noise is reduced and SNR is significantly improved. The phone can be used with confidence and listening becomes enjoyable again.